Day ‘n Nights

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

My all Nights are becoming my Morning wishes and sometimes day becomes Evening Wishes. Lol:)

Bit, my nights are becomin’ pleasant with the help of MUSIC. All kind of it is!! Due to this Late Nights, my eyes’re turning in to RED. I don’t have any type Red Tool to remove Redness in Photoshop.

Then woke up in the late mornings. Gettin’ hurry to reach the Classes without any breaks then Tummy feels hungry a lot. He even talks to me sometimes like “Feed Me!!”. I feel very bad at those times.

and now today horrible Sunday to fuck us. Generally people feels great for sunday but, according to our view Sunday Fucks!!. We don’t feel any changes a whole week. All days are sundays to me because We guys’ve only One and Half hour class to study. Reamin’ time All Free.

The Sundays Must be like Garfield. I like Garfield Sundays a lot.


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