Strangers in Train-1

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Traveling… One of the best activities.

I went a small camp two weeks ago. On April 06 i was goin’ to Kharagpur *(Howrah) from  Secendrabad. I was on train, i met some co-passengers who were travellin’ in my compartment. In those two people were really become close to me. I never forget those two named Abhinav and Shiv. I had a great travel with them.

First i wanna talk about Shiv. Such a good fellow. First I had a bit quarrel with him for the berth. Actually we two don’t have an reservation to travel. Later i got the berth confirmed and i offered him to sit. Them we become talk active each other. Night he offered me Biryani and a bit of VODKA which is mixed in Sprite. I feel good with his company. we watched movies on his lapy together. Thanks Shiv.

Now, its time for Abhinav.

He is very passionate guy. just completed his SSC. He wanna go for Army. Thats so appreciable job. He wanna serve for his country… one more thing he is a good Rapper too. He listened me his raps and he share some music and snaps with me.

You should reach your goal abhi (gautam). Thanks Abhinav.

Some Journeys makes a memories for long lasting… so valuable and so precious

Hope I may meet some more Interesting Persons in my Journeys


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