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This Poster is created for the JOHN CENA for his tremendous victory over BROCK LESENER at WWE Extreme Rules. CENATION NEVER GIVES UP!!
This is for all who Like John Cena – WWE Universe


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This is the poster made by me!! ‘m a great fan to Chetan Bhagat. “Kai Po Che!” is the film based on “The 3 Mistakes Of My Life”. The work is on Floors Now!!

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My Style Destination



Stranger In Train – ll

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Sometimes in our lives everything gonna strange… Well, that something strange happened to me.

Now, ‘m goin’ to share with you all that Something Strange…

Last Week, 20:00, Visakhapatnam..

‘M  in station, going to Secendrabad. The platform was fewer of peoples. ‘M waiting for my train, it was a summer special express. The compartment was also very empty.

As long before i read the Chetan Bhagats novel “One Night @ The Call-center” . Exactly like that… full of empty..

I sawed outside of the window, it was full of dark outside. A lil fear inside. The small yellow is blinking and disturbing my mood.

The train was almost started to leave… there comes a pretty girl into my compartment. I feel great by seeing on her. What a Gaze?!! If we see into her eyes it was not that easy to move away from her. Her hair, lips, dressing sense makes me prisoned.

We sit silent for 15 to 20 minutes. Again I saw outside through the window and again n again her beauty. She introduced herself “Hi, myself Reshma”. There is no answer from me. Then I introduced myself in my style as all you know.

There begin a friendly talking each other.  She just completed his +2 and goin to Hyderabad for IIT.  She is really damn!!! i mean, she was the prettier girl in the world.

After few conversations we become mute. But I never leave such a pretty girl in silent mode. I tuned her to again some bakwaas.

Along with the train our conversations becomes much more faster. Finally I spend a dark night with a girl in train.

But we met our destinations as soon as. I felt bad when ‘m leaving her. Even i didn’t take her snap, mobile no., email.. nothing

Finally the train arrived Secendrabad station @ 11:00

My story ends with her. but, some strange memories like these never meets their destinations like train. They were everlasting.

Thank you Reshma, for your pretty company @ train.

Stranger In Train-ll


Its Good To Be Bad. Be yourself., Everybody else taken

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Tribute to Mr. Aravindh

Forever n ever Aravind was the best

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Forever and Ever Mr. Aravindh the best

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